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Textrip [Pvt] Ltd., Bentota, from Sri Lanka is the innovator sprang from the native soil of Bentota to conceptualize and develop the product portfolio of international reckoning using the natural latex.

This feat is a classic testimony to an innovation driven company often characteristic of developed west.

Product range springs from natural rubber latex and includes – but not limited to- Rubber strips, Toners, Bands, Tubes, Cuffs, and Rings falling under physical fitness category.

With highly rated and much sought after product range the health lovers across USA, Europe, and Pacific RIM Countries over past four decades have become our loyal customers and ensured our sustainability.

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Hospital Sheets

TT Mackintosh is made out of 100% natural latex, which is bio degradable and assuredly provides those who longed – for care and comfort of a bed spread presented by the caregivers.
For those loved ones this unique product brings in a load of Research and Development for over 50 years and experience in meeting customer satisfaction of USA, Europe and Pacific Rim Countries for over forty years in the product portfolio of the latex rubber field.
The elegance, easy cleaning and washing, compact use, and above all the warmth of the loved ones make new dimension in the utility value of this water-proof product.
Our bed spread also as a mattress protector performs to maintain the sanitation for your current mattress very well because it can effectively prevent the sweat and stain permeating into the current mattress to avoid the bed smell and bacteria breeding.

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Rubber Cot Sheets

Air-filled baby cot sheet carries the  ‘Mother’s Darling’  brand  and  is constructed from 100% natural rubber that is hygienic and non toxic, anti-bacterial and cleanable.  It is specifically designed to carry padding  air bubbles to support  air circulation and create cushioning impact.

Additionally this extra-soft baby cot sheet is feature driven with  water proof properties and is presented in Eco-friendly  paper canister.

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Our Customer

We respect and value our customer. The popular quote “customer is the king” is held close to our hearts. The customer has taken us thus far and we shall walk with him to the destiny beyond.  In the commercial and still competitive world we are carefully addressing the concerns and the needs of the customer while developing and adding value to the products.

Future Focused

Elasto traditionally identified as a trailblazer and trend setter.  While being proven in the field Elasto prospects for future with a hopeful perception and addresses the world of customer through different and new windows.

CSR Front

As a responsible corporate entity Elasto Group propels CSR projects offering some of its benefits to the society at large, with a history of being a leading CSR activist lending and contributing immensely to the community and its living environ.